Delivery process
Collect and collect
Collect and collect
Commercial customs clearance
Commercial customs clearance
Express delivery
Express delivery
File download

System simple operation flow chart


User name:*******      Password:******

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1、Login interface

2、Batch upload

3、Forecast template-red font is required

Note: the transportation mode (channel) of each customer is different, which needs to be set by IT after the system opens an account

4、Face sheet printing

5、Logistics information inquiry

6Check the track details

Remarks: the logistics track of the system is used as a reference, and the final state is subject to the official website of the relevant express delivery company

7logistics report statistics

You can query in batches by country (Vietnam, Philippines, etc.), mode of transportation, sensitive channels, shipment time, and order number, and export reports by EXCEL

8Face sheet template(the Philippines)

Face sheet size:10*15

9Face sheet template(Malay)

Face sheet size:10*15

10Face sheet template(Vietnam)

Face sheet size:10*18

10Face sheet template(Indonesia)

Face sheet size:10*18/10*15

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